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Promoflex has been offering outstanding service since 1962. Our display solutions are innovative, customizable and ecological, and distinguish themselves by their sleek finish and multiple functionalities.

Fast, reliable and friendly.

A leader in flexography for 55 years

Promoflex’s unique know-how and constant desire to bring exceptional ideas and innovative solutions to the table are what distinguish us in the North-American market.

We have optimized our production cycle over the years to give exceptionally efficient service. Promoflex has no set prices, scales or project standards. All projects are treated as one-of-a-kind, and given the same amount of attention and good humor.

Our environmental commitment
Promoflex really believes in the need to protect the environment. We created our own environmental plan for sustainable business development in 2012 with 2 main objectives. The first was to prevent pollution by reducing waste generated in the production cycle while undertaking a complete recycling process of the components involved. The second objective was to raise environmental awareness by training employees in best environmental practices.

To implement this policy, Promoflex joined the Enviro-club program, which regroups 10 companies from the same region to offer training and counseling for the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative has saved Promoflex 28 kWh annually.

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  • Production coordinator
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