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Banner with Valence

Delivered ready-to-use, our roll banners with valance are made to maximize visibility anywhere, anytime and with minimum installation effort. Banners with valance are delivered in easy-to-carry bags with identification.

All sizes are available and each part is entirely customizable. For example, there’s a big banner with medium valance (like counter wraps for commercial counter display) or banner with small valance (like pallet wraps or skid wraps to hide wooden pallet display from center aisles, can even be used as a basewrap). The design can be customized to create the best possible branding.

For example, at a racing event, it’s possible to reduce the second part of the banner (the valance) to create a type of caution tape. With this kind of solution — with one product — you can have two exposures — the top banner for the fences and the bottom part, for the caution tape.

Banners with valance are available with all our choice of materials, for all budgets. We also offer three kinds of attachment solution kits. Our quality and robust roll banners with valance allow you different impact exposure on our range of recyclable materials. This could be metallic (for a premium look) or transparent (for a 3D effect). We’re here to give you ideas and bring your brand to life with uncommon and exceptional solutions. We offer worry-free service with our optimized production cycle.

The main industries that use banners with valance are: groceries, convenience stores, breweries, foundations, the media, distribution companies, restaurants, banking institutions, sports teams and racing industries. Banners with valance are ideal for promotion and to maximize impact, especially to display products, at festivals or simple tasting sessions.

The high-quality and robust banner with valance is ideal for both indoor and outdoor space. It is double-sided, environmentally friendly and ships at a low cost.

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