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Coreless products


All products* in the “Banners” category are Coreless (without central cardboard core).

A practice that may seem trivial, but has a major impact on the product itself and the environment. Long before sustainable development became a norm, Promoflex was putting it into practice instinctively.

Promoflex has chosen to manufacture coreless roll banners. A simple and practical gesture that mainly contributes to the awareness of industries to eco-responsible practices.

The Coreless products have a direct impact on,
- The waste (reduce)

The Roll Banners without a core are thinner, direct impact on,
- The cost of storage (less)

The weight decreases considerably, which has a positive impact on,
- The shipping cost (less)
- Installation (easier)

Otherwise, it is impossible to have our quick installation solution of repositionable adhesive (D-Tape) on the product with a central core.


*Products of the “Dress Up Kit” and Other” categories, are also Coreless.

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