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Promotional Tablecloths

The plastic Tablecloth is ideal for covering the top of the tables, especially during event meals or tasting session. It’s double-sided and made entirely from recycled material. The Tablecloth comes in a predefined size, 25 inches high and 50 inches high, when opened.

All entire surface of the Tablecloth is customizable, with no color limitation. It’s a flawless accessory for a VIP guest or adds a touch of personalization for a section at the event. The main advantage of the Tablecloth is the possibility to group with a roll banners order to optimize your investment.

We created the Tablecloth because we wanted to give you a range of products to maximize your branding exposure at events, both indoors and outdoors. Typically, the industries that buy the Tablecloth are: restaurants, the media, lottery companies and foundations.

The high quality and robust Tablecloth is ideal for both indoor and outdoor space. It is double-sided, environmentally friendly and ships at a low cost.

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