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Our Roll Banners help maximize visibility, anytime and anywhere.


String Pennants

String Pennants are an easy, effective way to capture attention.


Dress Up Kit

A Dress Up Kit allows you to increase your visibility easily and everywhere.


Banner flags

A Banner Flag is a quick and efficient way to encourage visibility for your company.



Explore all the possibilities that we offer.

Our offer

Available in all material types, our Roll Banners can be printed flat tint or in color, depending on your needs.

Banners in 17 years
  • Banners

    • Printed one side in up to six colors
    • Waterproof & UV treated
    • 100% recyclable
    • Printed on 25 feet or 50 feet rolls
    • Delivered in easy-to-carry bags, with identification

    Each standard Roll Banner is printed with perfect registration for a continuous colored background and shipped without central banner core.

  • Banners with Valance

    • The Valance can be printed on the Banner or the Valance can be detached
    • Two-sided printing is also available
  • Banners printed both sides

    • Printing both side on advanced technology Blockout 100% opaque material
    • Double exposure for maximum impact and low cost (same set up)
    • Available for two different visuals

    Perfect for a window display with two promotions

  • Base Wraps

    • No predefined size
    • No color limits
    • Printed on any material

    The base wrap is wet floor proof product.

  • Cooler Wraps

    • No predefined size
    • No color limits
    • Printed on any material

    Cooler Wrap is available in the horizontal or vertical format.

  • Metallic Banners

    • Metallic finish
    • Width can vary, up to a maximum of 40 inches
    • Printed on 25 feet or 50 feet rolls
    • Delivered in easy-to-carry bags and without central cardboard to ensure light weight and maximum flexibility
    • Two-sided printing available on treated material

    This premium, high-quality material features a gloss, shimmery finish.

  • Transparent Banners

    • 3D banner effect
    • High quality and durable material

    Clear product to create an unique 3-dimensional effect.

  • Suspended Banners

    • Banners with permanent attachment
    • Printed in high definition
    • Environment friendly printing and materials
    • Banners delivered in easy-to-carry bags

    This product is available with durable and entirely customisable attachment.

  • Banners with D-Tape

    • Does not rip the paint off when removed
    • D-Tape can be added to all products
    • No adhesive residue
    • Easy installation
    • Useful indoors and outdoors
  • Banners with installation kit

    • Ideal for sponsorship (quick installation)
    • 16 adhesive grommets (transparent)
    • 16 tie wraps

Why Roll Banner

Delivered ready-to-use, our Roll Banners are created to maximize visibility anywhere, anytime with a minimum effort.

The high quality and robust Roll Banner is easy-to-use everywhere, in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is double-sided, environmentally friendly and features low cost shipping options. Roll Banners are frequently used by customers who want maximum impact and exposure of their products and services. You’ll frequently see our Roll Banners at festivals, sporting events and grocery stores.

Roll Banners are delivered in easy-to-carry bags with identification. All sizes are available, from large Roll Banners (to hide racing fences), medium Banners (such as Counter Wraps for commercial counter display) or small Banners (such as Pallet Wraps or Skid Wraps to hide wooden pallet display from center aisles).

The main industries that use Roll Banners are: groceries, convenience stores, breweries, distribution companies, restaurants, banks, sports teams and the racing industry.

Promoflex Roll Banners are unique with the multifunctional option of adding attached or detached Valance for multiple display solutions. The Roll Banners can be grouped with String Pennants and Tablecloths to optimize your investment. We can also transform all or some of your Roll Banners into a Suspended Banner product, to enhance your visual impact with stronger assembly and reusability for another event. Roll Banners are available with all our material choices, for all budgets and three kinds of attachment solution kits.

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